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Hello Houston, We Have a Problem

Posted By on September 18, 2010

I’m afraid I have some really bad news today. It appears, from satellite images, that the Ocean Conveyor Belt, aka the North Atlantic Drift, aka the Gulf Stream, aka the Thermohaline Circulation stopped approximately a month ago. Instead of travelling all the way north to the west coast of Britain, it now seems to break up into whirl pools around North Carolina. This is believed to be the explanation (owing to a change in equatorial trade winds and currents) for the massive floods in China, India and Pakistan and (owing to jet stream effects) the heat wave and draught in Soviet Union. And oh yes, winter has already started in the Alps. This is consistent with predictions for world weather patterns if the Conveyor Belt doesn’t start up again. A new Ice Age in northern Europe developing over the next five years.  See

Climate scientists have warned this might happen – gradually – as a result of increasing global temperatures. This was before the BP oil spill and the decision  to dump a million gallons of Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico to disperse it. I don’t think any of us are naïve enough the billions of gallons of oil BP spilled in the Gulf of Mexico simply evaporated. What happened is that much of it combined with the Corexit to form a thick emulsion (sludge) that dropped to the seabed and which is gradually working its way up the East Coast of the US.

And it appears that it’s having a major effect on ocean currents (what drives the Conveyor Belt is a tendency for warmer, saltier water to rise and colder less saline water to sink). This is believed to be the explanation for the sudden halt in the Conveyor Belt.

I guess we all need to prepare for a big increase in extreme weather events. As well as a big drop in world food production. Scary stuff.


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