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Study Guide on Humanitarian Crises

Posted By on September 6, 2011


I have become extremely cynical about the epidemic of humanitarian crises and political instability in the oil-rich regions of the third world. There is always a back story of US military or covert intervention, which is rarely – if ever – reported in the mainstream media. The story line is so predictable I have created the following Study Guide. Dates can be altered to fit past and future humanitarian crises.

Study Guide on Humanitarian Crises

Instructions: fill in the blanks

1. The US Pentagon, State Department and CIA are chiefly responsible for the [2011] humanitarian crisis in (_________).

2.  In [1991], a popular uprising overthrew the corrupt dictator (_______), backed by these US oil companies: (________).

3.  Following a US invasion and military defeat, the US blocked installation of a government hostile to US oil interests by secretly backing (_______) warlords and fomenting ethnic violence.

4.  When the (_______) finally defeated the US backed warlords to restore peace and stability in [2006], the US arm-twisted Ethiopia to invade and establish a puppet government called (________). It’s run by the American-educated exile (______), who has no political experience or local support.

5.  Even with the help of 5,000  troops, the phantom government controls barely half the capitol. The US State Department lied about their role in the [2006 ] invasion until it was exposed by a [December 2010] (__________) cable.

6. The UN World Food Program continued to administer food aid through (________), an off-shoot of the [2006] government, which still controls most of (_______).

7. The current famine was triggered by State Department action to block aid distribution. They did so by setting restrictive conditions that no aid could be distributed if it involved payment of any fees to (______), who continue to administer the south central region.

8.  In addition, to placing an embargo on $ (  ___) dollars of food aid stacked up in warehouses, the US and Ethiopia are blocking refugees’ access to a new, empty refugee camp, as well as Red Cross access to refugees.

9.  The State Department is also threatening that aid workers who continue to distribute aid to south central (_______) will be charged with aiding and abetting terrorists under the (_______).

Readers can message me (directly or via the Contact Form on my website with answers fitting the above dates. The first ten to get them all right will win a free download of my new ebook Revolutionary Change: An Expatriate View.

I’ve provided a map and some links to help you along:


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