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Cops Tase Chinese Woman for Buying Too many iPhones

Posted By on December 14, 2012

As activists warned when cops were first authorized to carry tasers, police aren’t restricting their use to situations in which their own lives are at risk. They are using them sadistically, punitively and unconstitutionally when civilians fail to obediently comply with their orders. The most recent case involves a recent brutal attack on a 44 year old non-English speaking woman who tried to buy more than two iPhones at the Apple store in Nashua, New Hampshire. Owing to her limited English, she had no idea what store employees or the police wanted her to do. You would think two big burly cops could think of a less painful and dangerous way to subdue her.

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In a case last year in Austin, cops repeatedly tased a man who was having a seizure, even after he was lying on the ground handcuffed. It caused him to suffer a heart attack that left him with brain damage.

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Then there’s this woman in Studio City who suffered cardiac arrest after police repeatedly tased her for refusing to allow traffic cops to search her purse. As cardiac surgeon, Dr Kathy Magliato president of the California chapter of the American Heart Association, reveals this isn’t the first taser-induced cardiac arrest. As most result in death (yes, tasers kill people just like guns do), the victim is extremely lucky to be alive.

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What’s wrong with this picture? All this suddenly makes me realize that the 99% are nothing but a bunch of lab rats to the ruling elite. They apply their psychological contingencies to get us all revved up to consume. When we fail to do so exactly the way they prescribe, they punish us with electric shocks.

After reading about the Chinese woman, I wouldn’t be caught dead (excuse the pun) anywhere near an Apple store. I’m not Pavlov’s dog and I refuse to be conditioned to run out and buy every new electronic gadget Apple comes out with.


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