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Forgotten 1968 Uprisings

| December 28, 2010

From 1968: the Year That Rocked the World by Mark Kurlansky Kurlansky discusses a total of sixteen popular uprisings – in addition to those in the US, France, and Czechoslovakia – that occurred in 1968. I  list four more that have clearly altered the course of world events. As I recall, the way the mainstream […]

Prague Spring: Implications for 2010

| December 25, 2010

For me the section on Prague spring and the student/intellectual uprising in Czechoslovakia is one of the most valuable sections of Mark Kurlansky’s 1968: the Year that Rocked the World. With the distressing level of FBI and police repression occurring in the US, I find it heartening to learn that organized resistance occurred even in […]

Media Coverage: the Role of Violence

| December 23, 2010

Click to Play: iframe> Lyrics: Won’t you Please Come to Chicago by Graham Nash Though your brother’s bound and gagged And they’ve chained him to a chair Won’t you please come to Chicago Just to sing In a land that’s known as freedom How can such a thing be fair Won’t you please come to […]


| December 21, 2010

I have just read a fascinating book by British author Mark Kurlansky regarding the global liberation struggles that occurred in 1968. For progressives of my generation, this was a year of great hope and inspiration – one that saw millions of students and workers protesting in the streets. I bought 1968: the Year That Rocked […]