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How Private Banks Create Money

| September 25, 2013

Money and Life Katie Teague (2013) ¬† Film Review I highly recommend this film for its clear explanation of the mechanism by which private banks (not government) create money out of thin air by initiating loans. Because the bank doesn’t create the compound interest they charge on new money, the borrower must find it elsewhere […]

The Greek Town that Already Opted Out of the Euro

| June 11, 2012

An interesting¬† BBC feature about a flourishing Greek town. They have plenty of money because they have their own local currency – the TEMS. If video fails to play go to free link: A Video About Greek Time Banks A second BBC video about Greek time banks, where services are exchanged without money: […]

TEOFWAWKIT: The End of the World as We Know It

| July 22, 2011

This is the third of a series of posts discussing the likelihood that capitalism is on the verge of collapse and what a post-capitalistic world might look like. Marx predicts that the collapse of capitalism will be followed by either socialism, characterized by full political and economic equality, or “barbarism,” his term for brutal totalitarian […]

You Can’t Argue With Success

| January 21, 2011

Much of the work that went into the Voluntary Simplicity and Y2K movements (see prior blogs) has been incorporated into Transition Towns and other sustainability-related movements. There are now literally millions of groups worldwide focused on some aspect of bioregional sustainability. The most visible evidence of their success are the blossoming of home veggie gardens, […]