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END:CIV Resist or Die

| March 24, 2012

END:CIV Resist or Die 2011, directed by Franklin Lopez Free (Creative Commons) download at: Film Review END:CIV, according to the promo, “examines our culture’s systemic addiction to violence and environmental exploitation.” The title is drawn from Pac Man, an arcade came that first came out in 1980. In one of the world’s first video […]

Demonizing the Black Bloc

| February 28, 2012

(This is the second of three posts regarding the “diversity of tactics” debate raging in the Occupy movement and Chris Hedges inflammatory February 6th article on Truthdig entitled The Cancer in Occupy) Nearly all the on-line critiques (rightly, in my view) accuse Hedges of being a hypocrite for endorsing “rioting in the Greek anti-austerity protests […]

Pacifism as Pathology – Book Review

| April 27, 2011

Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America (Book Review) By Ward Churchill (2007 AK Press) Pacifism as Pathology is a collection of essays centered around Ward Churchill’s original 1985 essay “Pacifism as Pathology: Notes on an American Pseudopraxis.” The premise of the essay is that the militant nonviolent stance […]