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At Last a Male Contraceptive?

| July 25, 2013

Male Birth Control? A recent feature in GreenMedInfo asks whether Monsanto has inadvertently invented a male contraceptive. Owing to the unreliability and/or unpleasant side effects of the contraceptives available to females, women have been begging drug companies for five decades to produce an effective male contraceptive. Unbeknownst to many Americans, the common weed killer Roundup, […]

US Drastically Cuts Carbon Emissions

| July 4, 2013

Good job, guys. Well done. Keep it up. I think Americans deserve about 1,000 gold stars each for cutting their carbon emissions to 1994 levels. Too bad Obama didn’t mention this in his speech last week. A substantial number of Americans have made small and large lifestyle changes in an effort to reduce their carbon […]

Obama’s Climate Initiative: the New Obamacare

| June 26, 2013

    Who Does He Think He’s Fooling? As with his sweeping health care legislation, the President’s long awaited climate initiative has winners and losers. With Obamacare, the big winners were the insurance/finance sector and the drug companies – the losers are doctors, nurses, hospitals and average Americans left reeling under skyrocketing insurance premiums. From […]

Corporate Food Is Bad For You

| June 7, 2013

Chicago Lights Urban Farm  (This is the 1st of  2  posts about dramatic changes that are occurring in food production and marketing, as well as consumer food choices.  Part I addresses the conscious shift many consumers have made over the past decade to locally grown organic food.) According to Michael Ableman, author of Fields of […]

Taking on Big Coal – and Winning

| April 24, 2012

More good news this month. All signs suggest that ordinary Americans are winning the battle against Big Coal (see * below). However you won’t read it in the New York Times. The mainstream media is never eager to report on the victories of grassroots movements.  Thus the Times neglected to report, in January 2012, that […]

Don’t Eat the Fish

| November 13, 2011

How the EPA Violated Their Own Guidelines (This is the second of two blogs about the human health hazards of oil spills.) In what most likely amounts to criminal conspiracy, the Obama administration pressured the EPA to violate their own guidelines and reopen the Gulf fisheries in April 2011, six months after the ruptured Horizon […]

The Bush EPA and Fluoride

| September 2, 2011

The following is a second excerpt from my submission to New Plymouth District Council on fluoridation. It describes a study the Bush EPA commissioned from the National Research Council that has been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. The EPA Commissions the National Research Council Study In 2003 the EPA commissioned the National Research Council […]

The Poisons in Household Cleaners

| January 15, 2011

Owing to stranglehold powerful corporate lobbies have on Congress and federal regulatory agencies (such as the EPA and FDA), the US has the worst record in the industrialized world for regulating toxic chemicals. The sad thing is that the majority of Americans are totally clueless about the poisons they expose themselves to (and their children […]

Endocrine Disruptors: Are Americans Poisoning Themselves?

| January 13, 2011

The US has the worst record in the industrialized world for regulating toxic chemicals – thanks to the stranglehold powerful corporate lobbies have on Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a doctor, I am understandably concerned that millions of Americans may be systematically poisoning themselves with common […]

Prague Spring: Implications for 2010

| December 25, 2010

For me the section on Prague spring and the student/intellectual uprising in Czechoslovakia is one of the most valuable sections of Mark Kurlansky’s 1968: the Year that Rocked the World. With the distressing level of FBI and police repression occurring in the US, I find it heartening to learn that organized resistance occurred even in […]