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Richard Heinberg on The End of Growth

| November 9, 2012

If video won’t play go to Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute visited New Zealand, where he has a large following, at the beginning of October. Two hundred fifty people attended his presentation at the Tauranga (pop 121,500) Environment Centre on October 1st. The main focus of Heinberg’s talk was his recent book, […]

You Can’t Argue With Success

| January 21, 2011

Much of the work that went into the Voluntary Simplicity and Y2K movements (see prior blogs) has been incorporated into Transition Towns and other sustainability-related movements. There are now literally millions of groups worldwide focused on some aspect of bioregional sustainability. The most visible evidence of their success are the blossoming of home veggie gardens, […]

Sustainability: Choosing the Right Crisis

| January 19, 2011

I think Heinberg and Hopkins are right (see previous blog):  sustainability activists should focus on resource scarcity, rather than climate change. It’s just too damned hard to persuade large numbers of people to undertake major lifestyle changes around something they can’t directly experience. Except for extreme weather events, it’s virtually impossible for lay people to […]

Britain: Coldest December in 100 years

| December 20, 2010

Record Cold Predicted Back in June There was a massive blizzard in Britain yesterday, closing both London airports. I find it very intriguing that the UK is experiencing its coldest December in 100 years  especially as this is what Dr Gianluigi Zangari predicted in July, when he first reported that the Gulf Stream (aka the […]

Hello Houston, We Have a Problem

| September 18, 2010

I’m afraid I have some really bad news today. It appears, from satellite images, that the Ocean Conveyor Belt, aka the North Atlantic Drift, aka the Gulf Stream, aka the Thermohaline Circulation stopped approximately a month ago. Instead of travelling all the way north to the west coast of Britain, it now seems to break […]