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Corporate Food is Bad for You

| May 15, 2013

Chicago Lights Urban Farm  (This is the 1st of  2  posts about dramatic changes that are occurring in food production and marketing, as well a consumer food choices.  Part I addresses the conscious shift many consumers have made over the past decade to locally grown organic food.) According to Michael Ableman, author of Fields of […]

You Can’t Argue With Success

| January 21, 2011

Much of the work that went into the Voluntary Simplicity and Y2K movements (see prior blogs) has been incorporated into Transition Towns and other sustainability-related movements. There are now literally millions of groups worldwide focused on some aspect of bioregional sustainability. The most visible evidence of their success are the blossoming of home veggie gardens, […]

A Second World Perspective on the Sustainability Movement

| April 6, 2010

I find it fascinating to watch the blossoming of the sustainability movement in New Zealand, as hundreds of thousands of Kiwis make conscious lifestyle choices to reduce their energy and carbon footprint. New Zealand was a relative latecomer to globalization and a lifestyle based on the cheap Asian imports that have come to dominate our […]

Musings from a Second World Country

| April 4, 2010

Although it rarely makes the nightly news, the global sustainability movement is a growing influence in the lives of the educated middle class in most industrialized countries. Millions of people world wide accept that they face a less energy intensive future (whether due to a shrinking global economy, fossil fuel depletion or international treaties to […]

What is to Be Done – Part V

| February 11, 2010

(apologies to V.I. Lenin) Re-energizing Local Communities and Economies The movement to rebuild and re-energize local communities is probably the single most important initiatives to reduce US carbon emissions (by reducing the fuel consumed in transporting food and consumer goods across the country and from the other side of the world). Even more important the […]