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The NSA is the Tip of the Iceberg

| September 14, 2013

  Guest post by Steven Miller and Satish Musunuru (Part 5 of a five-part post on the corporatization of Internet surveillance.) The capitalist class deliberately distorts the class nature of the state. This is a scientific question, not an ideological one. Government is the administration of public money and resources in the name of society. […]

When They Put White Collar Criminals in Charge

| July 1, 2013

Guest post by Steven Miller (This is the last of four posts by Steven Miller regarding the rise of the surveillance state.) Domestic Spying Since the state is the organization of the ruling class, there has always been the closest collaboration between corporate leaders and the police. In the Palmer Raids in 1919 and 1920, […]

Bill Maher Interviews Julian Assange on HBO

| February 13, 2013

  Last Friday on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Maher interviewed Wiileaks founder Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They discuss the illegal investigation of Wikileaks the FBI tried to carry out in London, the federal grand jury in Virginia looking at charging Assange with terrorism and the legislation Senator Joe Lieberman […]

Wikileaks Reports FBI Banned from Iceland

| February 6, 2013

On January 30, 2013, WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson reported that FBI agents who entered Iceland in August 2011 to investigate Iceland’s WikiLeaks operations had been ejected from the country by Home Secretary Ögmundur Jónasson. Janasson considered it unbelievably presumptuous for a foreign power to assume they could conduct private investigations of Icelandic citizens in their […]

How Citizens United Kept the Koch Brothers Out of Jail

| November 2, 2012

If video won’t play go to Investigative reporter Greg Palast is on a speaking tour for his latest book Billionaires and Bandits: How to Steal and Election in 9 Easy Steps. Palast is best known for exposing the so-called “ex-felon” scrub list that deliberately disenfranchised tens of thousands of law abiding African Americans from […]

An Unlikely Folk Hero

| July 9, 2012

Last March, I blogged about Kim Dotcom [1], the Internet multimillionaire the FBI is trying to extradite to the US on Internet piracy charges. In brief the FBI is accusing the founder of Mega Upload of illegal file sharing and copyright violation. Dotcom, much of the New Zealand media and Internet freedom activist Jacob Appelbaum […]

The FBI’s Misadventures in New Zealand

| March 3, 2012

There is growing suspicion in New Zealand that this country, like American Samoa and Puerto Rico, has become an American colony. Sadly, the unfolding Kim Dotcom[1] saga seems to confirm this. On January 20th, a New Zealand assault team consisting of helicopters and special defense forces and police armed with automatic weapons invaded the private […]

The Mayor Who Said No to the Feds

| February 4, 2012

In my last post I wrote about the apparent defect in integrity and moral courage that plagues most American corporate and political leaders. This hasn’t always been the case. With the steady erosion of civil liberties and the Bill of Rights over the last decade, it’s high time we celebrated the real American heroes – […]

The Destruction of American Unions

| July 14, 2011

The effect of the 1947 Taft Hartley Act on union membership was almost immediate. In 1946 the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) had 6.3 million members. By 1954, when it merged with the AFL, this number was 4.6 million. This steady drop continued. In 1954 34.7% of American workers belonged to a union. By 2010, […]

Infiltrating the Single Payer Movement

| April 21, 2011

My own knowledge of left gatekeepers stems from 14 years as a single payer activist (1988-2002)  in Washington State. Our local single payer movement was launched by a group of doctors belonging to Physicians for a National Health Program. Our goal was to reduce health care costs and cover the uninsured by following the example […]