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An Unlikely Folk Hero

| July 9, 2012

Last March, I blogged about Kim Dotcom [1], the Internet multimillionaire the FBI is trying to extradite to the US on Internet piracy charges. In brief the FBI is accusing the founder of Mega Upload of illegal file sharing and copyright violation. Dotcom, much of the New Zealand media and Internet freedom activist Jacob Appelbaum […]

The FBI’s Misadventures in New Zealand

| March 3, 2012

There is growing suspicion in New Zealand that this country, like American Samoa and Puerto Rico, has become an American colony. Sadly, the unfolding Kim Dotcom[1] saga seems to confirm this. On January 20th, a New Zealand assault team consisting of helicopters and special defense forces and police armed with automatic weapons invaded the private […]

Smoking Gun: US Role in Arab Spring

| September 10, 2011

Arabesque American by Ahmed Bensaada (Michel Brule May 2011) In tracking down sources for an upcoming presentation on the antiglobalization movement, I have come across a little gem called Arabesque Americaine by French Canadian author Ahmed Bensaada. The full title is Arabesque Americaine: Le role des Etats-Unis dans les revoltes de la rue arabe — […]