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Can World War III Be Prevented?

| August 6, 2013

With the 2012 elections out of the way, the US edges ever closer to war with Iran. China and Russia have clearly indicated they will support Iran if it is attacked by Israel or the US. Both are nuclear powers. Thus there is no longer any question where or when World War III is likely […]

Obama’s Africa Trip Highlights Declining US Influence

| July 14, 2013

US Army in Africa If you are one of those people, like me, who wondered why Obama would visit Africa and forgo a visit to his relatives in Kenya (the government has built a special runway to accommodate Air Force One), you won’t find the answer in the corporate media. In a recent Counterpunch article, […]

Benghazi’s Dirty Little Secret

| May 12, 2013

What Really Happened in Benghazi? Americans (at least the ones who know where Libya is) are understandably confused and angry about the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that killed US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi. If they are looking to the current congressional hearings to clarify what really happened, they will be greatly disappointed. Despite […]

China Moves Against the Dollar

| May 6, 2013

The following video by Storm Clouds Gathering provides an excellent summary of continuing Chinese efforts to chip away at the US dollar. These include a recent trade agreement between China and Australia to use the yuan and Australian dollar – rather than the US dollar – in bilateral trade. China entered into a similar trade […]

Farrakhan’s Political Evolution

| March 17, 2013

Below is a fascinating excerpt from Part 8 of Louis Farrakhan’s lecture series The Time and What Must Be Done. Farrahkan is the present leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), best known for its most famous member Malcolm X. It’s been more than ten years since I heard Farrakhan speak. He has made remarkable […]

Was Stevens Running Guns in Benghazi?

| January 29, 2013

Retired General William G Boykin believes when he was assassinated in Benghazi, former ambassador Chris Stevens was working for the CIA running guns (or preparing to run them), via Turkey, to the  Syrian rebels. He explains his reasoning in an interview with Boykin is the former commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command and […]

Robert Fisk Exposes Western Media Lies in Syria

| September 7, 2012

Legendary Middle East reporter Robert Fisk, the first western eyewitness to enter the massacre town of Daraya, writes in the Independent about eyewitness reports that Syrian rebels, not government forces, are responsible for the mass killing of 245 Darayan men, women and children. This contrasts with the version being told in rest of the western […]

Suckering Liberals into Supporting Foreign Wars

| August 5, 2012

George Washington has written a great post – Why Do Progressive Liberals Fall for Humanitarian War? – on Zero Hedge. It’s quite an an interesting site dedicated to “widening the scope of information available to the investing public.” All posts are submitted under fictitious names. In general the perspective offered contrasts drastically with the mainstream […]

It’s Official: CIA Arming Syrian Rebels

| June 25, 2012

On June 21st, Fox News became the fifth major media outlet to report that CIA operatives in Turkey are “coordinating” arms shipments from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Islamic states to the Free Syrian Army (the Islamist branch of the Syrian resistance – aka the Muhammad Brigades). FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds has been reporting […]

CIA Whistleblower Talks of 12 Month Incarceration over 9-11

| May 29, 2012

Former CIA asset Susan Lindauer describes how the Department of Homeland Security locked her up on a military base for 12 months and tried to detain her indefinitely without a hearing and drug her with Haldol and other psychotropic medication. Why? Because she possesses extensive documentary evidence that the CIA had foreknowledge of the 9-11 […]