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BP Tries to Overturn Gulf Oil Spill Settlement

| July 21, 2013

        BP’s massive 2010 Gulf oil spill virtually destroyed the Gulf of Mexico economy. Fisheries, tourist-related enterprises, and the businesses dependent on them went belly-up in the hundreds of thousands. Yet as business owners quickly found, the only way they could get compensation for losing their livelihood was to sue BP in […]

Obama: Your Bitch is Our Dictator

| July 16, 2013

  Another video by Storm Clouds Gathering that connects the dots behind the recent coup in Egypt. The filmmakers establish, clearly and coherently, that Mursi, like Mubarak (and El Baradei) are handpicked US puppets. That, with US backing (after Israel, Egypt is the second largest recipient of US military aid), the Egyptian military junta still […]

Obama’s Africa Trip Highlights Declining US Influence

| July 14, 2013

US Army in Africa If you are one of those people, like me, who wondered why Obama would visit Africa and forgo a visit to his relatives in Kenya (the government has built a special runway to accommodate Air Force One), you won’t find the answer in the corporate media. In a recent Counterpunch article, […]

Fracking, Drought, and the Price of Food

| July 8, 2013

The Fracking President Natural gas, according to Obama’s climate speech, is a “bridge” fuel. Shifting from coal to natural gas in US power plants is supposed to slow the increase in US carbon emissions while the US infrastructure transitions to renewable energy. The current availability of cheap natural gas has been made possible by a six-year […]

Republicans Veer Toward Socialism

| July 2, 2013

Obama Tries to Privatize TVA  According to a recent article article by Gar Alperowitz, Obama has inserted a proposal to sell the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in his 2014 budget. The TVA was established by the Roosevelt administration during the Depression. The largest public power provider in the US, it employs more than 12,500 people […]

Obama’s Climate Initiative: the New Obamacare

| June 26, 2013

    Who Does He Think He’s Fooling? As with his sweeping health care legislation, the President’s long awaited climate initiative has winners and losers. With Obamacare, the big winners were the insurance/finance sector and the drug companies – the losers are doctors, nurses, hospitals and average Americans left reeling under skyrocketing insurance premiums. From […]

Privatizing the Brain

| April 29, 2013

Guest Post by Steven Miller (This is the 1st of three guest blogs by Steven Miller about Obama’s BRAIN Initiative and Wall Street’s broader agenda of privatizing all aspects of medical treatment and research. In this post, Miller describes a parallel process in which Big Pharma used their relative monopoly on anti-retrovirals to exclude third […]

Is Obama Preparing for Martial Law?

| March 25, 2013

Is Obama preparing for martial law? All the signs say yes. Many prominent market analysts predict the US economy will collapse some time in 2013. They fully believe Americans will wake up one morning and learn the government has closed all the banks, as they have in Cyprus. When this happens, there will be long […]

Farrakhan’s Political Evolution

| March 17, 2013

Below is a fascinating excerpt from Part 8 of Louis Farrakhan’s lecture series The Time and What Must Be Done. Farrahkan is the present leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), best known for its most famous member Malcolm X. It’s been more than ten years since I heard Farrakhan speak. He has made remarkable […]

Is Team Obama Messing with Your Mind?

| November 5, 2012

Curious how the mainstream media is willing to talk about Team Obama’s cynical use of data mining to win tomorrow’s election – in New Zealand – but not in the US. Radio New Zealand commentator Katherine Ryan interviewed US political analyst Michael Cornfield on her “Nine to Noon”  program this morning. Cornfield founded the Institute […]