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Palestinian Wins Arab Idol

| June 24, 2013

    Al Jazeera English reports reports that a wedding singer from the impoverished and overcrowded Khan Younis refugee camp in the Gaza Strip has become the first Palestinian to win Arab Idol. In his victory speech 23-year-old Mohammed Assaf saluted the people of Palestine, “who have been suffering under occupation for decades” and stressed […]

Ron Paul on Ending the Tragedy in Gaza

| December 2, 2012

Retiring Congressman Ron Paul, former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, comes down on the same side as many progressives on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A recent post on his website, reiterates comments he made when was president about Gaza being nothing but a vast concentration camp. It has never mattered to Paul which […]

Palestine’s Arab Spring

| September 21, 2012

A September 15th article (Revolution in the Air at Last) in the highly conservative Economist is predicting possible revolution in Palestine. It’s extremely good news for antiwar activists, economists, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey and all other halfway sane people seeking to thwart a threatened Israeli attack on Iran. […]

The Effect of Public Opinion in Palestine

| January 1, 2012

Hamas by Beverley Milton-Edwards and Stephen Farrell (2010 Polity Press) Book Review – Part II Milton-Edwards’ and Farrell’s 2010 book Hamas makes it strikingly clear that money and public opinion polls have influenced Palestine Liberation Army (PLO) and Hamas policies far more than lofty political goals. The primary reason the PLO abandoned their pledge, in […]

Israel’s Role in Creating Hamas

| December 23, 2011

Hamas by Beverley Milton-Edwards and Stephen Farrell (2010 Polity Press) Book Review – Part I This review is divided into two parts. Part I describes Israel’s role in promoting and supporting the rise of Hamas. Part II describes the gradual decline of the Fatah-led PLO, which led to their 2006 election defeat. Hamas is about […]

The Impact of OWS on Foreign Policy

| November 7, 2011

The American political landscape is undergoing rapid change. A book I published seven weeks ago on political change (Revolutionary Change: An Expatriate View) is already out of date, and I’m hard at work on a second edition. No one dared hope that the simple anti-greed message of five hundred demonstrators camped out in a Wall […]

Banned in the US: the Film You Won’t See

| September 26, 2011

Film Review The War You Don’t See Produced and directed by John Pilger Americans now have the opportunity of seeing John Pilger’s critically acclaimed The War You Don’t See as a free download at The groundbreaking documentary was effectively banned in the US when Patrick Lannan, who funds the “liberal” Lannon Foundation, canceled the […]

Teenagers in the First Intifada

| August 1, 2011

Like the 1976 Soweto uprising, the teenagers who sparked the first Palestinian Intifada in 1987 were influenced by a similar breakdown in parental authority, though for different reasons. From 1967, when Israel first seized the Gaza strip from Egypt, until the 1987 Intifada, Gaza, which has always been much poorer than the West Bank, was […]

America’s Proxy Energy Wars

| July 20, 2011

My last blog suggested that the current US wars in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia are really proxy wars with China over oil and gas resources. I continue the discussion by outlining the crucial Chinese and US alliances in the region. China‘s Strategic Alliance with Pakistan Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s recent threats […]

US vs Islamic Militants: Invisible Balance of Power

| June 8, 2011

Book Review US vs Islamic Militants: Invisible Balance of Power by Sajjad Shaukat is, in essence, a review of western military history as it relates to Balance of Power theory. The latter is based on the premise that in the absence of an international body capable of enforcing international law, “balance of power” between dominant […]