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A Roadmap to Redesigning Civilization

| August 26, 2013

This is my second post about the origins of the Agricultural Revolution. As you can see, Hemenway has a somewhat different take on it than Ronald White. He also weighs in on the all-important question of whether organic agriculture can produce sufficient food to feed a global population of 7-9 billion. With a substantial redesign […]

Rethinking Industrial Agriculture

| June 10, 2013

Small Food Forest   (This is the second of two posts about dramatic changes that are occurring in food production and marketing, as well as consumer food choices.  Part II addresses the application of design technology to water and soil management, which is revolutionizing the movement towards local food production.) Applying Design Technology to Farming […]

Revolution or Evolution?

| June 5, 2013

(This is the second of two posts about the meaning of a recent Farleigh Dickinson University study on violent revolution.) The Likelihood of Revolution From this vantage point, it’s impossible to predict whether austerity and repression will lead to armed revolution. With much of southern Europe rioting in the streets, all eyes are on the […]

Farmers of Forty Centuries

| March 22, 2012

Farmers of Forty Century: Organic Farming in China, Korea and Japan By F.H. King (1911, reprinted in 2004 by Dover Publications) Book Review I don’t typically review (or read) 100 year old books. Farmers of Forty Centuries is an important exception. It has become a classic of the permaculture/sustainable economics movement for several reasons. First, […]

You Can’t Argue With Success

| January 21, 2011

Much of the work that went into the Voluntary Simplicity and Y2K movements (see prior blogs) has been incorporated into Transition Towns and other sustainability-related movements. There are now literally millions of groups worldwide focused on some aspect of bioregional sustainability. The most visible evidence of their success are the blossoming of home veggie gardens, […]

Going Local

| November 26, 2010

One of the community organizations I belong to, the Taranaki Sustainable Living Fair, hosted regional fairs in 2008 and 2009 to bring local residents up to speed regarding all the alternative, non-corporate products, skills and concepts out there to assist people in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. The fairs featured 50+ stalls by small businesses […]

Is Capitalism Doomed? – Part V

| August 23, 2010

Contemporary Solutions In The ABCs of the Economic Crisis, contemporary Marxists Magdoff and Yates also express the view that capitalism is on its last legs. They, like Strachey, propose “socialism” as the solution to a failed capitalist system. However they are even less prescriptive than he is as to what this should look like and […]

A Second World Perspective on the Sustainability Movement

| April 6, 2010

I find it fascinating to watch the blossoming of the sustainability movement in New Zealand, as hundreds of thousands of Kiwis make conscious lifestyle choices to reduce their energy and carbon footprint. New Zealand was a relative latecomer to globalization and a lifestyle based on the cheap Asian imports that have come to dominate our […]