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The Prison Industrial Complex – Part II

| November 6, 2010

As I stressed in my November 3rd blog, it’s no longer politics and fear of violent crime that are driving America’s phenomenal incarceration rate – now the highest in the world. Statistics show that violent and property crime has been declining steadily since 1990 and that nearly half (one million) US prisoners, many of whom […]

Grassroots Organizing: 1930s Style

| September 1, 2010

The mainstream media makes out like the economic collapse is just something that happened to us. Some greedy banksters gambled with trillions of dollars of our money and in the process, also committed embezzlement, fraud and theft. Now the money is gone, and we just have to live with it. Millions of Americans lose their […]

Is Capitalism Doomed? – Part I

| August 14, 2010

The long taboo topic of the end of capitalism seems to be in fashion recently – a consequence of the deepening economic crisis that shows no signs of going away. In fact there’s even a website now I distinctly recall talk of the federal government “nationalizing” Wall Street when the major banks came to […]

The Norwegian Experiment

| April 21, 2010

Not surprisingly there was considerable backlash against Norway’s 2003 law mandating that women make up 40 percent of corporate boards (see April 19 blog “Addressing Corporate Fraud: Norway’s 40% Solution”). The most common objection was that there were insufficient qualified women in Norway. In fact one male executive complained that boards would have to recruit […]

Addressing Corporate Fraud: Norway’s 40 Percent Solution

| April 19, 2010

Addressubg Corporate Fraud: Norway’s 40 Percent Solution The economic collapse of October 2008 was neither an accident nor a simple matter of recklessness and greed.  William Black, the former senior deputy counsel at the federal Office of Thrift Supervision, has thoroughly documented the epidemic of mortgage loan fraud, accounting fraud and credit rating fraud that […]

Deconstructing Anti-Semitism

| April 17, 2010

In the last few weeks I have been perusing “free market” libertarian websites and blogs in an effort to get my head around similarities and differences between free market and left libertarians. The first major stumbling block I have encountered is an alarming tendency by many right wing libertarians to appeal to common popular prejudices […]

Unleashing My Inner Libertarian

| April 10, 2010

As a long time progressive, I have been quite fascinated to discover that I agree with the Tea Party movement in many areas. In fact a number of people on the so-called “left” have been following Ron Paul, one of the Tea Party’s founders, quite closely since he first raised the alarm about the systematic […]

Musings from a Second World Country

| April 4, 2010

Although it rarely makes the nightly news, the global sustainability movement is a growing influence in the lives of the educated middle class in most industrialized countries. Millions of people world wide accept that they face a less energy intensive future (whether due to a shrinking global economy, fossil fuel depletion or international treaties to […]

Pentagon and FBI Propaganda

| February 28, 2010

In addition to the CIA’s cosy relationship with corporate media outlets, both the FBI and the Department of Defense and the FBI have their own propaganda operations. Former FBI agent William Turner wrote about “The FBI Propaganda Machine” for now defunct Ramparts magazine and in his book Rear Window. Turner seems to have adapted the […]