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The Multinationals Behind the Civil War in Syria

| July 17, 2012

In my opinion, a brilliant analysis by Tony Cartalucci at Land Destroyer Report is a must-read: chiefly because it identifies the corporate interests behind creating, funding and arming the Free Syrian Army, the Syrian National Council and other rebel groups that have taken up arms against the Assad government. We already know their primary agenda […]

The World Tomorrow – Assange’s New Chat Show

| May 2, 2012

Still under house arrest, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange discusses the experience of solitary confinement with the new president of Tunisia.  President Marzouki offers him asylum. Fascinating interview on RT:

The Tipping Point: When Do Americans Hit the Streets?

| August 9, 2011

Former Wall Street analyst (and fellow expatriate) Max Keiser predicts that American workers are unlikely to manifest the same revolutionary fervor as their comrades in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain until they experience comparable difficulties paying for food. See (link kindly provided by a reader). Egyptians pay 40% of their income for food, […]

Generation Z and Psychological Oppression

| July 28, 2011

(Generation Z consists of young people born after 1990) Much has been made of the role of youth in sparking the so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa. The historical significance of the mass insurrections in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Syria is yet to be determined – given their failure to […]